29 December 2013

The element of Care

It was a lovely Sunday morning like today last week, when I was lying comfortably on the sofa at living room, playing with my ipad as usual.

My housemate Y, a 19-year-old teenage girl was sitting on the dining table not far away, together with L, a young boy around her age group, studying together. From my observation, Y is academically more competent than L. Their examination must be just around the corner, as Y is patiently guiding L in his studies, explaining to him whenever he did not understand. They accompany each other to prepare for the test, with the same goal at the same direction. They are not couples, but I see element of care between them. How lovely could the Sunday be with this warm scenery? :p

It was a lovely Sunday morning like today last week, when I was lying comfortably on the sofa at living room, playing with my ipad as usual.

I’m chatting with a colleague of mine in facebook, a 28-year-old lady S, who out of sudden appeared to be anxious in the middle of our conversation. S has a housemate K, a guy similar to her age as well, staying together under one roof. K had been dating his girlfriend the night before, but did not make his way home at night, which is slightly unusual according to S. She is worried, she whatsapp him trying to confirm that he is safe and sound, but he did not reply. I suggested her to call him instead, but she thought this was not a good idea as he might not have wake up yet at that moment. She finally called him later, but the effort was unluckily in vain, he did not pick up her call. It was not long afterwards that S told me K finally responded to her, saying that his phone was out of battery. They are not couples, but I see element of concern between them. How lovely could the Sunday be with this touching scenario?

Appreciate the people who care for you, and the people you concern for. They come into your life for a reason, to be taken care by you, and to care for you as well.

24 September 2013




Looking through your pupils, I saw my image inside.

I realised it was purely an image reflected by me myself who was standing right in front of you, rather than an image reflected from deep inside your heart.

Nothing more than that.






21 September 2013

A change, maybe?

You might have visited my blogs recently and accidentally found out that I started to write in English other than Mandarin. Yea it just happened that I discovered I can sometime express better in other language, well you know we are Malaysian who are born to be multi-linguistic, so we have to treasure and fully utilise our natural instinct, gotcha?

Anyway you need not worry that I might one day realise that my facial muscles can express even better and decided to post some videos to this blog, because that will never be possible. Erm, just to leave some space to any unforeseen future, I would say, this will almost never be possible, you know, ALMOST never. Clear enough?

Getting 25th today, my birthday wish: to bring positive charges to my surrounding! give me five and let's do it together OK?

20 September 2013

Transformation from white coat to white collar

20th of September, the darkest day in 2012 that I shall never forget, the most vital trigger point to plug in an element of change in my life, the most fatal mistake I’d ever make, and never shall I make again in the future.  I have to confess that I can never figure out what a doctor’s career path will be when I first came through the 8 blank spaces in my application form for university 6 years ago. What is my ambition? To be a doctor sounds not bad, indeed quite attractive and gorgeous by impression. Yea I’m pretty impressed by a doctor’s duty when I was young, attributable to my immune system’s immaturity that could not fight through some Streptococcus family who visited my body almost monthly during my childhood. I decided that I should seriously consider about taking this duty to treat others like how the doctor has treated me, to wipe off those unwelcomed species from someone else’s body. Of course, I’m still naïve to have a detail picture about a doctor’s duty, other than those over-simplified version being illustrated by a general practitioner, damn I’m being cheated, anyway indirectly. Of course my ambition is not limited to this profession per se, I once wished that I can be a journalist, a broadcasting personnel and some awesome nothing-to-care-of backpackers, ok I know the last one is strictly-speaking not an ambition, a dream maybe.

I can never expect myself to carry such a heavy responsibility, of saving lives and curing those terminally-ill. Working in a hospital is what I can hardly bear with, dealing with emergency situation is definitely out of my capability, and I’m not ready to withstand an adrenaline surge in my body which will happen at anytime, such an adventurous and exciting event, not of my flavour. The depressing truth is, I can only realise and reveal all these facts when I’m in the position of a houseman, be it too late or not.

I always believe that everything happens for a reason, no matter we are aware of it or not. I made a huge mistake, causing chaos in my team for a moment, I guess my specialist had asystole for seconds as well. Good news is, no casualty resulted other than loss of one houseman from the hospital, well who cares? I would said, out of my expectation, many. Some of my colleagues responded in various ways which really touch me, my friends had wasted their saliva keep persuading me to continue on the “right path”, for me, probably right and absolutely bright but certainly not a suitable path of mine. My superior dated me for a drink and advised me. My family brought me to temples and even a psychiatrist who recommended me to join under her Amway sales line, such hilarious transferring period that I’ve gone through for months, before my life stabilises once again.

In a flash of light, it’s been one year since the trigger event occurred, and more than half year since my career transformation from a white-coater to a white collar. I’m not sure whether everyone has adapted to my new identity but it is surely not my duty to ensure that everyone accepts my fresh career role. I had overestimated myself 6 years ago, do allow me to make a turn and I shall perform better thereafter. One thing to be sure of, I’m much comfortable now and my adrenaline level is welled maintained. Cheers everyone! J

9 February 2013





闲逛某个面积不小的购物商场,买几件衣裤,吃一片香气润口的baked cheese cake,看一部素质好的电影,在露天的咖啡店喝一杯巧克力,然后去KTV唱几首歌,最好还可以看到一群年轻人在广场旁边的空地来一场即兴的街舞flash mob




参与某个好朋友的生日聚会,参与的人数不要太多,大家小声讲大声笑,吃完一餐再吃下一餐,然后讨论下下一餐要去哪里,然后玩一盘心机重的card games,来证明我们的友谊是多么经得起考验。









921日,二十四岁生日快乐!谢谢你陪我度过生日,还有四个月披着白袍的日子。那天的我,沉闷的心情,在Straits Quay Delicious和你吃了80块的晚餐,而且还买了3片不同口味的自制蛋糕,结果吃不完……其实我很喜欢去Straits Quay是因为那边适合散步,靠海又没有交通污染,也算是人烟比较稀少,环境比较静谧。只是日后应该没有什么机会再去了。只想告诉你:有你在,感觉真好!未来一起加油吧!






22 November 2012







29 October 2011











半个小时的时间,终于走到麦记了。点了一份新上架的 classic chicken mcDeluxe,吃了之后觉得没什么特别的。然后,就在有空调的这里,为自己的糊涂作一篇记录……